Taking Care of Yourself During a Divorce (Self-Care Tips)

It's no secret that divorce is often an incredibly emotionally challenging process. Managing your emotional and mental well-being can seem impossible when you're already dealing with the multitude of other ways divorce impacts your life.

Understanding how you can take care of yourself can help make the divorce process less stressful and reframe how the divorce impacts your life. Taking care of yourself during the dissolution of your marriage can enable you to use the process as a springboard into a happier, healthier life post-divorce.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

We touched on the importance of using a support network in a blog we recently wrote about how to talk with kids about divorce, and that's just as applicable if you don't have children.

Getting a divorce can be a uniquely stressful experience. Finding a new living situation, dealing with the financial impact of the divorce, processing the end of a marriage—divorcees often feel like new financial and emotional challenges constantly barrage them as they navigate the divorce process, and they're not wrong.

Feeling overwhelmed by your divorce is normal. This is why you shouldn't feel obligated to take it on by yourself.

If you can, find a therapist who specializes in divorce. They can help you handle the divorce process in a strategic way that's conducive to maintaining your mental health and be a pillar of support when you need it.

Other individuals who play a role in your life, like friends or family members, can also be fantastic resources during your divorce. The bigger your support network is, the easier it will be to uphold your well-being and mental health throughout the divorce process.

Establish a Stable Daily Routine

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce is how much it can destabilize your life. To that end, try and develop a stable daily routine you can stick to.

Having a schedule that doesn't deviate much week-to-week lets you devote more of your energy to managing the divorce. Having a hectic schedule will only make dealing with the divorce more taxing, to try and lay the foundation for a consistent lifestyle as you head into the divorce.

Take on a New Hobby You Didn't Have While Married

For many people, divorce is difficult because it forces them to "restart" life without their partner. Acclimating to the newfound independence (and, let's be honest, alone-ness) that accompanies divorce can be challenging.

One of the better ways to make the adjustment and ease into a new life post-divorce is by picking up a new hobby that you either didn't engage in while married, or dropped after meeting your soon-to-be-ex. Learning something new is fulfilling, and if it's not tied to your marriage or spouse, it can be a welcome relief from having to think about the divorce or the end of your marriage.

Think About Where You want to Go Next

It may be worth reframing how you approach your divorce and view it as a potential launchpad into a happier, more fulfilling life. Divorce is never easy and feeling negative about the process is normal, but acknowledging potential upsides is also good.

To that end, consider what you want to do with your life post-divorce. If you've always wanted to travel, for example, maybe you want to think about renting a smaller place after you finalize the divorce and expanding your travel budget. If you want to further your career, maybe look around for cities you could move to that would provide better professional opportunities.

Obviously, a lot of factors can complicate this. For example, if you have kids, moving cities or taking more time to travel may not be an option. But thinking about how you can use the divorce and your newfound independence to revitalize your life and "take the bull by the horns," so to speak, can help temper how challenging going through a divorce can be.

Be Kind to Yourself

Above all, try to be kind to yourself. Going through a divorce is hard. There will be days when you may not be able to make it into work, or have a short temper, or just want to lay in bed and cry.

And that's okay.

Try to be kind to yourself as you go through the divorce. Consider keeping a gratitude journal, taking on meditation, or engaging in another activity that encourages mindfulness and helps you focus on your self-worth. Giving yourself a break is an essential part of maintaining your mental and physical well-being.

At Conti Moore Law, PLLC, we understand just how trying divorce can be. Our team is here to help you navigate your divorce with confidence, working with you to create the best possible life post-divorce.

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