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How To Get Emergency Custody in Orlando, FL, and What To Watch Out For

Child custody is a common issue in divorce cases. Parents who want to end their marriage must decide how to divide parenting responsibilities for their minor children. However, issues related to child custody can arise in many situations. It might be necessary for a parent to file an emergency motion for custody. The petitioning parent […]


What Does Child Support Cover in Florida?

The child support system in Florida can be confusing. To make matters worse, it can involve a hefty amount of paperwork, court appearances, and obtuse legislation. All of this can make getting the support you need far more difficult than it should be.  So if you’re confused about the process, don’t worry. Here’s what you […]


Can I Divorce Without A Lawyer in Orlando, FL?

Not all couples need to hire an attorney to divorce in Orlando, Florida. You can prepare and file the divorce papers yourself. However, there are situations where having legal counsel can protect your best interests. Deciding whether you need a divorce lawyer can be challenging. If you and your spouse agree that you want to […]


What You Need To Know About Emergency Child Custody Hearings in Orlando, FL

Some families manage to resolve disputes without resorting to legal intervention. However, in some cases, immediate action is necessary to shield children from an injury stemming from family conflicts. In these cases, understanding your rights as a parent and familiarizing yourself with emergency child custody laws in Florida can benefit you. You’ll help ensure that […]


What Happens if a Spouse Refuses To Sign the Divorce Papers in Orlando, Florida?

Divorce or dissolution of marriage can be difficult, even when both spouses agree that it is best. It can be incredibly frustrating when one spouse refuses to cooperate with the divorce process. Unfortunately, it can also result in a battle in divorce court when a spouse refuses to negotiate a fair settlement for property division, […]


What Makes a Premarital Agreement Valid In Florida?

Premarital agreements (also referred to as “prenuptial agreements” or “prenups”) are legal documents that lay a foundation for how a couple will handle the financial affairs of their relationship before getting married. These agreements include financial decisions such as who will own property acquired before the marriage and whether the couple will co-own a joint […]


What Happens if My Spouse Dies While We’re in the Middle of a Divorce?

It is unfortunate, but sometimes a spouse dies during a divorce action. When that occurs, the divorce stops. Instead of being divorced, the spouse becomes a surviving spouse. When your lawyer notifies the court of your spouse’s death, the court dismisses the divorce proceedings. It does not issue a final order regarding any issues related […]


What Is an Ex Parte Custody Order in Florida and When Do You Need One?

Custody battles are emotional and challenging legal disputes. Sometimes, they can become dangerous. If you’re concerned for your own or for your child’s safety, you can seek an ex parte custody order in Orlando, Florida.  What Is an Ex Parte Custody Order? An ex parte custody order is a legal order issued by a judge […]


Is There Common Law Marriage in Florida?

Living in Florida has many benefits. However, one common misconception is that people who live together long enough are considered married under the law. That’s true in some places, but not in Orlando, Florida. Unless your common law marriage was entered into before January 1, 1968, the state will not recognize it in most – […]


What’s the Difference Between Legal Custody and Physical Custody?

In short, legal custody refers to the right to make decisions about the child’s upbringing, such as education, religion, and medical care. Physical custody, on the other hand, refers to where the child will live.  When you’re dealing with a child custody issue in Orlando, you deserve to have trusted legal advocacy on your side. […]


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