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Callahan Divorce Lawyer

When you consider leaving your spouse, it is best to obtain legal advice from an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney will explain how Florida laws impact your situation and your legal options for protecting your best interests. In addition, the right divorce lawyer will aggressively advocate for you during settlement negotiations and in court.

Our Callahan divorce lawyers at Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC have over 50 years of collective legal experience handling family law matters. We understand the Florida divorce process and will guide you through each step. Since 2012, we have provided compassionate, skilled, and experienced legal representation to the residents of Callahan in Orlando, Florida.

Contact our law office at (407) 831-0203 to schedule a free consultation with a Callahan divorce attorney to discuss your situation. 

How Our Callahan Divorce Attorneys Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter

How Our Callahan Divorce Attorneys Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter

There is nothing simple about a divorce action. Even partners who seem to agree on the divorce terms can change their minds during the process. The mistake many people make is thinking they can save money by handling their own divorce.

Attorney Conti Moore has dedicated her legal practice to family law matters. She has assembled a team of lawyers who share her passion and dedication to helping individuals with divorce or legal separation issues.

Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC has been featured in the Orlando Family Magazine, Forbes, and The New York Times. We have been recognized by national and local organizations for our legal services. Our attorneys appear on the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list and have a perfect 10.0 rating on Avvo.

If you hire our award-winning divorce lawyers, you can expect us to:

  • Listen to what you want and need as the desired outcome for your divorce case 
  • Explain your legal options and why we recommend a specific strategy for your divorce case
  • Research relevant case law and statutes to strengthen the legal arguments in your case 
  • Provide legal advice, guidance, and support throughout your case
  • Handle all matters from start to finish in your case, including preparing and filing all documents in the divorce action
  • Aggressively negotiate for a fair divorce settlement
  • Advocate for you in court and fiercely defend your rights and best interests during a divorce trial

We’re here when you need answers to questions or advice regarding a family law matter in the Callahan neighborhood of Orlando, FL. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced Florida divorce lawyer. 

The History of the Callahan Neighborhood in Orlando, FL

The Callahan neighborhood is one of the oldest African American communities in Orlando. It originated in 1886. 

Callahan is located just west of downtown Orlando in the 32805 zip code. The neighborhood is bounded on the west by Orange Blossom Trail and on the east by Interstate 4. The community lies between Amelia Street and Central Boulevard. 

In 2008, presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama spoke at a campaign rally at the former Amway Arena in the Callahan community. Sen. Hillary Clinton also appeared and spoke at the rally. 

A focal point of the community is the Callahan Neighborhood Center. The Center was the former Jones High School and Callahan Elementary School. It was renovated and dedicated as the Dr. J.B. Orlando Neighborhood Center in 1987. 

Today, the Center provides numerous activities and events for residents. The Callahan Center is one of the many Black historical sites in Orlando.

Other local favorite attractions include:

Callahan is a lively and thriving community. Residents enjoy a variety of shopping, entertainment, dining, and recreation spots. Being in the heart of Orlando, Callahan residents can enjoy all the city offers right at their doorsteps.

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Our office is at 815 North Magnolia Avenue, Suite 100, Orlando, Florida 32803.

Our Divorce and Family Law Firm’s Primary Practice Areas 

At Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC, our team of divorce attorneys in Callahan has extensive experience handling all matters related to divorces and family law cases. Some of our primary practice areas include:


Our Callahan divorce lawyers handle all types of divorce cases, including collaborative, uncontested, LGBTQ, military, and contested divorces. We’ll help you define what you want to gain from the divorce. Then, we’ll develop a strategy to help you attain your objectives.

Child Custody

Child custody can be one of the most emotional and contested issues in a divorce case. Our child custody lawyers will work closely with you to protect your child’s best interest. We’ll develop a parenting plan and time-sharing schedule that meets the family’s needs. 

Child Support

Even though Florida has child support guidelines, the judge can modify the base amount. Our child support lawyers will analyze all factors that impact child support to ensure you pay or receive a fair amount. We can also help you modify child support if you have a change in circumstances. 

Judgment Modification

Circumstances may change, requiring you to modify an existing judgment. Our judgment modification attorneys will guide you through the process of filing for a judgment modification. We can also help you enforce an existing judgment. 

Property Division

You deserve a fair share of the marital property. Florida property division laws require judges to determine an equitable division of marital assets. Our property division lawyers will work to ensure your assets are correctly categorized and valued and fight to get your fair share. 

How Do I Seek a Divorce in Orlando? 

Florida is a no-fault divorce state. Therefore, if you and your spouse agree on the divorce terms, you can obtain a divorce quickly on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. 

You must file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the family court. Your spouse has 20 days to respond to the petition. If they do not respond, you can request a default order granting the divorce. 

If your spouse replies, you exchange information during the discovery process. Then, each party prepares for a hearing to argue their case. 

However, you and your spouse can agree to settle the case and enter into a divorce settlement agreement. Florida law requires all parties to attend mediation before the court can set a trial date for the divorce.

If you settle your case, you submit a proposed agreement to the court for approval. However, if you and your spouse cannot agree to settlement terms, you argue the case at trial, and the judge decides on issues related to the divorce. 

How Will My Property Be Divided in a Divorce in Florida?

Florida is an equitable distribution state for property division in divorce actions. Unlike community property states, the court is not required to divide marital property equally. Instead, marital assets are divided equitably or fairly.

A judge considers numerous factors to determine what is fair for property division. The factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The length of the marriage;
  • The contribution of each spouse to acquiring marital assets;
  • Contributions by spouses as homemakers;
  • The need for a spouse to have somewhere to live;
  • The health and age of the spouses;
  • Whether a spouse has custody of a child; and,
  • Any other factors that the judge deems relevant.

Separate property is not subject to equitable division. Therefore, working with experienced Callahan divorce lawyers is crucial to ensure your assets are correctly identified.

Who Will Get Custody of Our Children After the Divorce?

Florida favors joint custody whenever possible so that both parents retain a close relationship with their children. However, the overriding factor in all child custody cases is the best interest of the child.

Factors a judge considers when determining a child’s best interest include:

  • A parent’s ability to meet a child’s needs;
  • The child’s relationship with each parent;
  • The willingness of a parent to encourage and facilitate a relationship between the child and the other parent;
  • A parent’s ability to provide a safe, stable home for the child; and,
  • The child’s reasonable preference if the child is mature enough to make a decision.

A judge may consider other factors when deciding on custody cases. For example, is there evidence of domestic violence, child neglect, or substance abuse by a parent? Our child custody lawyers will fight to protect your child’s welfare and best interests. 

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When you are going through a divorce, you need a trustworthy legal team. At Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC, we put your needs and best interests as our top priorities. We’ll aggressively fight to protect you and your child throughout the divorce process.

Call our office to schedule a free consultation with our Callahan divorce attorneys. We want to help you during this challenging period of your life. 

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What Our Callahan Clients Are Saying About Us


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