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How Is Child Support Determined in Florida?

Child support is generally paid by a noncustodial parent to the parent who has primary custody. State guidelines have been established in Florida that family court judges must apply when determining a presumptive amount for these payments.

These guidelines create a formula that takes into account:

  • The combined incomes of both parents
  • The number of children needing support
  • The needs of the children, such as child care expenses, health insurance, and other medical or dental expenses
  • Percentage of timesharing for which each parent is responsible

Once a number has been determined, judges have the authority to modify to a lower or higher amount based on other factors. Evidence will need to be presented to the court that justifies a deviation from the standard child support amount.

These factors include such things as:

  • Extraordinary medical expenses
  • Special needs
  • The supporting parent being financially responsible for his or her parent
  • The child having an income from some other source

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Why You Need an Orlando Child Support Attorney

Under Florida law, parents have a legal obligation to provide financial support for their children. This holds true for parents who are married, divorced, or who have never been married while having a child. Determining a fair and equitable child support payment can be a complex matter involving many factors.

It may be complicated by such issues as:

  • Self-employment
  • Owning a business
  • Unemployment
  • Other income-related matters

We can help you with the initial financial report that must be submitted to the court regarding your income and expenses to ensure that it presents an accurate account upon which child support can be calculated. We can also work to prevent your spouse from presenting a false picture of their income and assets. Should either of you be seeking a deviation from the amount that the guidelines predict, we can prepare and present a strong case defending your position to the court. We can also help with enforcing support orders.

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