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Orlando Paternity Lawyer

Helping Enforce Fathers’ Rights in Orlando

Thousands of men pay child support through the Florida Department of Revenue because they signed a child’s birth certificate. Many of these men are obligated to make payments without being able to spend proper time with their kids.

If you are dealing with a problem related to paternity, child custody, visitation, or other fathers' rights in Orlando, then a knowledgeable Orlando paternity lawyer may be able to help you solve it. At Conti Moore Law, PLLC, we have extensive experience with paternity matters and related fathers' rights issues.

Get the legal help you need. Contact Conti Moore Law, PLLC at (407) 315-2006 to speak with a paternity lawyer in Orlando today.

Confident, Knowledgeable Paternity Attorneys

Our Orlando paternity lawyers are confident and knowledgeable about the laws and legal procedures that affect your life and your children’s lives. We can help you resolve your paternity issue, whether you are struggling with a financial issue, seeking time-sharing rights regarding your children, or trying to establish or contest paternity.

Our paternity lawyers can answer important questions about fathers' rights like:

  • What does “time sharing” mean, and how does that phrase relate to the child support I am required to pay?
  • Why can the Department of Revenue come after me for child support?
  • What if I can’t afford the child support payment? Can it be changed?
  • How do I establish paternity? What exactly will that do for me?
  • Can I increase the amount of time I spend with my son or daughter?
  • What if the mother or father of my child is not being cooperative about visitation or another matter?
  • What if I’m not the father of a child for whom I am paying child support?

Contact us at (407) 315-2006 now to schedule a consultation with a fathers’ rights attorney in Orlando about your specific situation.

  • “The Conti Moore Law firm worked tirelessly on my case. They were always there to answer any questions and to give advice. Prior to hiring Conti Moore Law I had an unpredictable time sharing schedule ...”

    - Nicholas
  • “Conti Moore knows her stuff. Every time I call or email her I get the answer I need!”

    - Sam Mickens Jr
  • “Conti is honest, upfront, practical and knowledgeable.”

    - Cherubicrn Mitchell
  • “Hard working and sharp! She knows the law. Her staff is top notch!”

    - Corvette Que
  • “I retained Conti Moore for a divorce case with a child. Best decision hands down. She is very nice, understanding, always felt like I was her only client. If you're looking for an attorney, call her.”

    - Cyn
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