Reducing or Suspending Child Support in Florida

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If you need help temporarily suspending your child support as a result of a financial hardship related to the Coronavirus—or any other hardship—call today. Under the leadership of Attorney Conti Moore, our legal team is offering significantly reduced rates for matters regarding the temporary modification of a child support order due to unforeseen circumstances you played no part in causing.

In Florida, a person may temporarily reduce or suspend their child support obligations in cases that prevent them from complying with the terms of a child support order, such as:

  • Medical emergencies
  • Unforeseen financial hardship
  • Unexpected layoffs
  • Furlough

Starting at as low a $500, plus a $50 filing fee for reopening your case, we can help you obtain a modification for your divorce orders—particularly those involving child support. We can also assist with permanently modifying your child support obligations if there has been a substantial change in circumstances as it relates to your income.

Consequences of Noncompliance

All parents owe a legal duty to provide adequate financial support for their children. The State of Florida holds this duty in high regard to help protect the safety and welfare of all children. As a result, any person who unlawfully fails to honor their child support obligations may face dire legal consequences.

Failure to pay child support in Florida can result in the following:

  • Garnished wages and other intercepted income
  • Suspensation or revocation of your driver’s license as well as any business, professional, or recreational licenses
  • Criminal fines for contempt of court
  • Jail time for contempt of court

Do not wait for your driver’s license or professional license to get suspended. The Department of Revenue may also proceed with contempt proceedings if you miss a child support payment. Get ahead of this now, and let us help you navigate through these unprecedented times.

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You should not be unprepared when it comes to your child support obligations. At , we understand the gravity and weight of the resulting stress and financial hardship that the Coronavirus outbreak has caused. That is why we are providing a reduced rate for our services as they relate to reduction, suspension, or termination of child support payments during these difficult times—whether temporarily or permanently. We are dedicated to helping people get through this public health crisis and the resulting economic and legal challenges.

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