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Erin Duncan

Senior Attorney

About Attorney Erin Duncan

Your Fierce Advocate in Family Law
Experience the unparalleled expertise of Attorney Erin Duncan, who served as a General Magistrate in Osceola and Orange County from 2019 to 2023. Appointed by the Chief Judge of the 9th Judicial Circuit, Erin handled domestic relations, dependency, and mental health cases, giving her a unique, behind-the-scenes understanding of the court system. This insider knowledge allows her to provide clients with strategic, informed representation, ensuring that every case is presented in the best possible light.

Erin’s quasi-judicial experience in thousands of cases means she brings knowledge to her colleagues and the community. Her successful track record in handling difficult family law cases—whether through collaborative approaches or highly contested trials—speaks to her versatility and skill.
At the heart of Erin’s practice is a commitment to her clients’ rights and responsibilities. She is dedicated to guiding them through both legal and personal challenges, offering unwavering support and expert advice throughout the process. Client-focused and goal-oriented, Erin balances zealous advocacy with a compassionate approach, encouraging her clients to seek appropriate professional assistance for underlying issues that the court cannot address.

Erin’s outstanding reputation is a testament to her dedication and effectiveness. She believes that family law cases have no true winners; families either grow through the inevitable changes brought by litigation or risk devastation. Her insight, direction, and no-nonsense approach help clients find creative and innovative solutions to their legal issues. Erin’s clients actively participate in their cases, held accountable to the process they choose with her guidance.
Having called Central Florida home since 2001, Erin attributes much of her legal acumen to her experience with her blended family. Beyond her public service, she has enriched the Central Florida legal community as an adjunct professor at Seminole State College, a mentor to new family law attorneys, and an active participant in several voluntary bar organizations. Erin is certified to mediate family, civil, and appellate cases and serves as a Guardian ad Litem, representing the best interests of children when called upon.

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