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Florida Do It Yourself Financial Affidavit Online Course

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Florida Do It Yourself Financial Affidavit Online Course

Welcome to our Florida Family Law Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Online Course!

Dealing with family law matters in Florida can be tricky and expensive. Many folks wish they could manage their family law issues without breaking the bank, but often feel unsure about where to start.

That’s where Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers comes in. We’ve designed an affordable solution for those of you who want to handle your family cases without the expense of hiring a lawyer. Our new Florida Family Law Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Course is your chance to learn from experienced family law attorneys without the hefty legal fees. We’ll guide you on how to properly file your case, provide you with clear, step-by-step instructions, and get you off to a strong start.

In our courses, we’ll cover these essential topics for Florida cases:

  • How to start a family law case in Florida;
  • How to respond to family law case in Florida if you have been served by a process server;
  • An overview of the how to complete the forms for family law cases; 
  • An overview of the timeline for family law cases;
  • An overview of the laws in Florida that relate to your family law case; and
  • Helpful tips and pitfalls to avoid. 

Our online courses have over $1,000.00 worth of legal advice for only $399.99. 

Florida Do It Yourself Financial Affidavit Online Course 

Simple, Affordable, and Convenient!

If you are involved in a family law matter in Florida, such as divorce or paternity/timesharing (custody), you will be required to complete a financial affidavit. A financial affidavit may seem technical and confusing if you are handling your family law case without a lawyer. Moreover, you may be unsure of what you are required to disclose. 

Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers has created an affordable Florida Financial Affidavit Online Course for individuals who have decided to move forward with their family law case without a lawyer. This course provides you with education and training from award-winning divorce lawyers at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. Our course gives you the guidance you need to properly complete your financial affidavit.

Our Financial Affidavit Online Course will cover:

  • How to complete the Florida Financial Affidavit in its entirety;
  • How to calculate your income;
  • How to calculate your expenses;
  • Overview of when it is appropriate to estimate expenses;
  • What documents you need to complete the financial affidavit;   
  • Helpful tips and pitfalls to avoid and more! 

Our course is perfect for you if…

  • You need help completing your financial affidavit for a family law case in Florida. 

  • How to Fill Out a Financial Affidavit

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