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The Pros and Cons of Getting Divorced Without a Lawyer in Orlando, Florida

If you are going through a divorce, you might be considering going through the process alone – without the help of an attorney. However, before you make such an important decision, you should understand the pros and cons of getting divorced without a lawyer in Orlando, Florida. Read on to learn more, or contact Conti […]


How Can Reunification Therapy Help a Child After Their Parents’ Divorce?

Divorce and the strain that comes before it can be incredibly traumatic for children. The psychological effects can include anxiety, anger, fear, uncertainty, and depression. Some children act out, regress, or struggle in school.  Most children are able to bounce back, especially with help. It’s important to understand how children are affected by divorce and […]


What Is a Subpoena?

A subpoena is a written order issued by a court, a lawyer, or an authorized administrative body. A subpoena orders the recipient to produce documents or give testimony relating to a legal case or investigation. Failure to comply can carry serious penalties. Subpoenas are useful in family law cases, including divorce, child support, and alimony. […]


How To Serve Divorce Papers in Orlando, FL

Even though Florida is a no-fault divorce state, one spouse must file a petition with the court to begin the divorce process. The spouse must serve the Summons and Petition for Dissolution of Marriage on their spouse. Delivery of a copy of the divorce papers to your spouse is called service of process. Service of […]


Surrogacy in Florida: Does the Surrogate Mother Have Any Parental Rights?

A surrogate is a person who acts on someone else’s behalf or as a substitute. In fertility law, a surrogate mother is a woman who carries a child for another person. Florida recognizes two forms of surrogacy with different parental rights for the surrogate mother. What Are the Types of Surrogacy Recognized by Florida Law? […]


What’s Attorney-Client Privilege?

The attorney-client privilege is one of the pillars of the Anglo-American legal system. Most legal scholars would argue that the legal system would be paralyzed without it. Litigants frequently rely on it in divorce, child custody, and domestic violence proceedings, as well as criminal proceedings.  It is easy, however, to confuse attorney-client privilege with similar […]


Limitations on Spousal Privilege in Orlando, FL

Spousal privilege is an important part of family law. It’s a legal rule that protects a marriage contract in court. It affects a wide range of court cases in Orlando, Florida. Married couples need to understand what spousal privilege means. This article will provide useful information on the limitations of spousal privilege. The Core Principle […]


Deviating From Florida Child Support Guidelines

Florida uses standard child support guidelines for determining child support obligations. The guidelines provide a base amount. However, courts can deviate from Florida child support guidelines for numerous reasons. Understanding how child support is calculated in Florida is important if you are going through a divorce or child custody case. Working with an experienced Orlando […]


Gaslighting: How To Recognize Your Spouse’s Manipulative Behavior

Manipulative behavior can create problems in a marriage. A spouse may intentionally create situations they can control to gain power over their spouse. Sometimes, spouses manipulate situations they did not create to their advantage.  Unfortunately, it can be challenging to recognize when your spouse is manipulating you. The manipulation may be subtle and could take […]


Top 6 Telltale Signs You Hired a Bad Lawyer and How to Avoid it in the Future

Did you know there are over 3.2 million lawsuits filed in Florida each year? That’s over 1.5 million losing parties each year. While losing a case isn’t always a matter of choosing the wrong attorney, odds are, a vast number are. When you’re picking a lawyer, it’s like choosing a teammate for one of life’s […]


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