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Orlando Judgment Modification Lawyer

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Orlando Judgment Modification Lawyer

The terms of your divorce are legally binding. However, there may be circumstances that require you to change or alter child custody arrangements, child support obligations, or alimony requirements. If you need to make these changes, contact the experienced Orlando judgment modification lawyers at Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC for help.

With more than 50+ years of experience handling family law disputes, our attorneys understand the challenges you’ll face when you ask to change a court order. We also have tried-and-true negotiation and litigation strategies to help you achieve the results you want.

Contact our law offices, conveniently located in Orlando, FL to learn more about our collaborative, team-driven approach to resolving Florida family law disputes like yours. Your first consultation is free, so call now at (407) 831-0203.

How Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC Can Help You Modify the Terms of Your Divorce

How Our Orlando Family Law Attorneys Can Help You Modify the Terms of Your Divorce

Maybe you need to modify your time-sharing agreement and change who has custody of the kids (and when). Or, perhaps you’ve discovered that your ex-spouse is earning more money and want to make sure that your child support agreement is updated to reflect their new income.

No matter the reason, changes like these will require a formal adjustment to your divorce judgment.

This means either

  • (a) getting your ex on board with the changes and submitting an agreement to the court for approval, or 
  • b) a more contentious dispute that might end up before a judge.

In either case, having an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer on your side can make all the difference in the world.

At Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC, we are proud advocates for families and children in Orlando, Florida. Our award-winning attorneys take a team-driven, collaborative approach to every case we handle. You won’t just have one lawyer fighting for you, you’ll benefit from our central Florida law firm as a whole.

Here’s what you can expect as we navigate your request for a post-judgment modification in Orange County:

  • Identify the specific changes you want to make to your existing court order
  • Explain what steps will be involved in filing a request to modify your divorce judgment
  • Gather evidence to support your request to help persuade the judge to agree that the change is necessary and reasonable
  • Handle all interactions with other parties and their counsel
  • Provide counsel and advice during alternatives to trial, including mediation or arbitration
  • Have a respected trial attorney argue your case before a family law judge 

We’re here to help you achieve your desired results. In many cases, requests to change court orders are contentious. Let us handle the stress and challenges that lie ahead. We’ll lead the way and help you make important decisions along the way. 

Give us a call to arrange a free consultation to learn more about our team and how we can assist you during this time.

What Does Post-Judgment Modification Mean?

What Does Post-Judgment Modification Mean?

Post-judgment modification refers to changes that are made to terms of a divorce after a dissolution of marriage is final.

Typically, courts will only modify a judgment if there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the divorce was finalized.

What Can Be Modified in a Florida Divorce Judgment?

The following terms can be modified after a divorce is finalized in the state of Florida:

What can’t be modified after a divorce in Florida? Agreements regarding the division of marital property. Once the marital property is divided and terms have been agreed upon, a court will not intervene to make changes. 

Modifying Child Custody in Orlando

Modifying Child Custody in Orlando

Before a divorce is final, parents must come up with a parenting plan and a time-sharing agreement for their children. Whatever the parents agree to (or judge orders) is final. Both parents are legally required to comply with the terms, regardless of their feelings or if they don’t think it’s fair.

However, when children are involved, circumstances often change. When these changes in circumstances are substantial, a parent can file a petition to modify their parenting plan and time-sharing agreement.

You may need to modify your child custody order if:

  • One parent needs to relocate for work 
  • One parent simply refuses to comply with the existing order
  • The child’s needs have changed, and the order has to be adjusted to compensate for that
  • A parent has become abusive
  • A parent has failed to provide adequate care for their child during their visitation period

The parent requesting the change must present persuasive evidence that circumstances have changed and that modifying the order is in the child’s best interests.

Finding common ground and agreeing on the legal and physical custody of children is difficult enough during a divorce. The process of making changes to custody, visitation, and time-sharing can be even more stressful after a couple has formally divorced.

You do not have to go down this path alone. Our compassionate family law attorneys in Orlando are here to provide the effective representation and support you deserve.

Modifying Child Support in Orlando

Modifying Child Support in Orlando

Most often, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to make child support payments to ensure that their kids are taken care of after a divorce. There are many factors that go into calculating these financial payments. 

After a divorce, changes to a child support order may be requested if:

  • A parent loses their job or experiences a significant drop in income
  • A parent begins to make more money

If you’re requesting a modification to a child support order you must have substantial evidence to demonstrate the change. Paystubs, tax returns, and even bank records can help show a significant change in one parent’s (typically the one paying support) financial situation.

Modifying Alimony in Orlando

Alimony or spousal support, is typically part of an Orlando divorce judgment when spouses have substantially different incomes or earning powers. 

Modifications of alimony can be requested when there’s evidence that:

  • The spouse making alimony payments no longer has the means to provide financial support, or
  • The spouse receiving alimony requires an increase in support (and the other spouse can afford the increased payment).
Modifying Alimony in Orlando

When a substantial change in circumstances occurs, it cannot be voluntary or intentional.

For instance, a spouse who’s required to pay alimony to their ex cannot just quit their job or switch to a lower-paying job and then ask a court to reduce or terminate payment obligations because they’re now earning less money.

What Kind of Evidence Will I Need to Get a Divorce Judgment Modified in Orlando?

Judges will only entertain a request to change a court order if (a) it’s done to support the best interests of the parties affected and (b) there’s evidence of a significant change in circumstances.

Depending on the type of order that you’re trying to change, the following evidence might be helpful:

  • Testimony from friends or family who can attest to the changes and how modifying an order would be beneficial (or harmful)
  • Expert testimony from forensic accountants, psychologists, medical professionals, law enforcement officials, and other specialists
  • Documents, including employer letters, bank statements, records of financial transactions, or police reports
What Kind of Evidence Will I Need to Get a Divorce Judgment Modified in Orlando?

When you hire our Orlando judgment modification attorneys, you won’t have to worry about what type of evidence you’ll need or how to prove your case.

That’s something our experienced team will handle and coordinate on your behalf. We’ll bring in experts, subpoena witnesses and documents, and work tirelessly to build a strong case on your behalf.

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Whether you want to request a modification to a final judgment or fight to keep things the same, Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC can help. Call us to schedule a free initial case evaluation with our award-winning Orlando judgment modification lawyers today. 

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