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Nia Bellamy

Client Care and Referral Coordinator

About Nia Bellamy

Nia Bellamy is a driven and ambitious intake specialist who relocated to Orlando, Florida from Denver Colorado in 2020. Nia’s background is in the aviation, food service, hospitality, and retail fields, but she has always aspired to become an attorney since she was a child. After graduating from Denver School of the Arts as a dance major, Nia attended the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs, as an English major, where she will be returning to continue her journey to become an attorney. Nia is particularly passionate about helping people to make a lasting impact, learning new things every day, and developing her skill set at Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC. In her free time Nia likes to go the gym, travel, try new restaurants, and go to the beach.

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