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Can Grandparents Get Custody of Grandchildren?

Some grandparents are in the difficult position of having to care for their grandchildren when the children’s parents should be doing so. Other grandparents want to obtain guardianship or temporary custody of their grandchildren because of substance abuse or mental health problems affecting their own children. However, since Florida law gives limited rights to grandparents, these problems often require the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer.

Grandparents may seek custody based on these factors:

  • The parents have passed away.
  • The parents are not considered fit to have custody.
  • The parents consent to giving custody to the grandparents.
  • The child has been living with the grandparent for at least one year, or longer.

If you are caring for your grandchild, or you believe you should be, our firm can assist you. We are highly experienced in the area of family law, having successfully handled many complex cases involving children and families.

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How Do I Get Temporary Custody of My Grandchildren?

In Florida, grandparents can get temporary custody of a grandchild if the parents sign a consent form, or if the grandchild's legal parents are deemed "unfit" due to child abuse or neglect, substance abuse, and/or mental illness.

Advice & Representation for Grandparents

At Conti Moore Law, PLLC, we represent and advise grandparents who are navigating difficult situations.

We can help you understand your legal rights and your options for resolving your problem if:

  • You are the main caregiver for your grandchild
  • You are having difficulty enrolling your grandchild in school or communicating with your grandchild’s teachers or school staff
  • You are trying to obtain medical care for your grandchild
  • You have questions about pursuing the termination of parental rights

Every situation is different. One of our skilled attorneys can evaluate your situation and help you determine what course of action may be worth pursuing.

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