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How Much Does a Divorce Cost in Florida Without a Lawyer?

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It is difficult to calculate how much a divorce costs in Florida with absolute accuracy. Each case is unique. The circumstances of the situation will ultimately determine the costs and time involved in obtaining a divorce. 

The primary factor determining the divorce cost in Florida is the spouses’ ability to reach an agreement. The cost of divorce is significantly lower for an uncontested divorce when couples compromise to settle their issues without going to court. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get an Uncontested Divorce in Florida?

To obtain an uncontested divorce in Florida, the spouses must be in absolute agreement as to all terms. Additionally, at least one spouse must meet the residence requirements to file for divorce in Florida. 

If the parties meet the requirements for a simplified dissolution of marriage, they can file for divorce using a simplified process that does not require hiring an Orlando divorce lawyer. If they do not meet the requirements for a simplified dissolution of marriage, they can still file for an uncontested divorce without a lawyer if they agree on all divorce terms.

The filing fees to file petitions for divorce are set by the court. The filing fee for a divorce is $408. However, there are other filing fees that you might need to pay, such as a $10 fee for issuing a summons. The clerk’s office also charges a fee for standard divorce forms.

Additionally, you must pay to serve the summons and divorce petition on your spouse, which could cost up to $100. 

Therefore, if you file for an uncontested or simplified divorce without a lawyer, you might be able to complete the divorce for about $750. 

Should You File for Divorce in Florida Without a Lawyer?

Even though you can file for divorce without a lawyer, it does not mean it is wise to do so. Hiring an Orlando divorce lawyer offers numerous benefits over a DIY divorce.

Your attorney understands divorce laws. They protect your best interests throughout the divorce process. Without understanding Florida divorce laws, you could make a costly mistake when representing yourself.

Additionally, your attorney prepares and files all necessary paperwork and documents to obtain a divorce. An experienced divorce lawyer for your case ensures the paperwork is completed correctly and filed on time. It also ensures that nothing is overlooked that could negatively impact the outcome of your divorce.

An Orlando divorce lawyer handles all matters related to the divorce. There are many steps in the divorce process, even for a simplified divorce. Missing even one step or overlooking a single document could result in your case being dismissed without the court granting your divorce. 

How Much Does a Contested Divorce Cost in Florida?

If you and your spouse disagree about any issue related to your divorce, the case is contested. It is strongly recommended that the parties have legal counsel during a contested divorce. 

You could argue about property division, alimony, child support, and/or child custody. Without representation by an experienced Orlando divorce lawyer, you may receive an unfair outcome.

The cost of a contested divorce depends on many factors. Factors and circumstances that can increase the cost of a divorce in Orlando include, but are not limited to:

  • Issues related to child custody 
  • Arguments and disagreements related to property division
  • Seeking alimony or spousal support
  • Challenging the child support guidelines 
  • Allegations of domestic violence, child abuse, or unfitness as a parent

A divorce lawyer helps you resolve issues through divorce mediation and negotiation whenever possible. A couple can save money and develop a more favorable agreement if they collaborate and compromise to resolve disputed issues.

Should I Hire an Orlando Divorce Lawyer or File for Divorce Without an Attorney in Florida?

The decision to hire a divorce lawyer depends on your situation. However, consider all options when deciding to file for divorce without a lawyer. Divorce lawyers can offer:

  • Trusted legal advice 
  • Explanations of divorce laws
  • Help protecting your child’s best interest
  • Support and guidance in navigating the Florida divorce process
  • Reduced stress by taking care of all matters related to the divorce
  • Preparations of all documents to file with the court
  • Investigations regarding allegations of hiding assets
  • Deal with your ex-partner so that you do not need to engage with them
  • Fair divorce settlement negotiations
  • Objective advice to help you see the bigger picture and focus on what is best for you in the future

If you have questions about a divorce, you can meet with a divorce lawyer for a free initial consultation. It’s best to take time to investigate all of your options to decide whether you need to hire a divorce attorney in Orlando.

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