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Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things you’ll do in your lifetime. The terms of your divorce will be binding and affect you and your family for years to come. Put your best foot forward by ensuring that you trust an experienced Winter Haven divorce lawyer to guide you through the process.

At Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC, our family law attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience handling complex divorce disputes. We’ll be there to help you understand the divorce process, identify your goals, and work to find amicable solutions that are best for you and your family – especially when young children are involved.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Winter Haven, FL legal team to learn more about how we can help, or call (407) 831-0203. Your first consultation is free.

How Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC Can Help You Navigate Your Divorce in Winter Haven, FL

How Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC Can Help You Navigate Your Divorce in Winter Haven, FL

Divorce is rarely simple. Even when you and your spouse seem to see eye-to-eye on most aspects of the split, one single issue can turn the process on its head. It’s easy for tensions to run high and to get caught up in emotion. And, in truth, the longer a divorce takes to resolve, the more costly it will ultimately be.

Hiring an experienced Winter Haven family law attorney is the best way to protect yourself and set yourself up for the best possible resolution.

Since 2012, Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC has been dedicated to helping divorcing spouses find common ground and work through hotly-contested issues like child custody, financial support, and the distribution of marital property. Our law firm embraces collaborative, amicable approaches to divorce and separation disputes whenever possible.

These are just a few of the reasons we’ve been recognized as leaders in divorce litigation by Super Lawyers Rising Stars and featured in publications including The New York Times, Orlando Family Magazine, and Forbes.

When you turn to us for help with your divorce in Winter Haven, Florida, you’ll be able to count on us to:

  • Provide concise, clear answers to questions you have about your divorce 
  • Help you identify your goals and determine what outcome(s) would be best for you and your children
  • Carefully analyze the specific details of your divorce case and explain the legal strategies that are best suited for your particular situation
  • Conduct extensive research to support the legal basis of your case
  • Prepare, file, and serve all legal documents with the court and other parties on your behalf
  • Gather evidence to support your requests for (or challenges against) child custody, child support, alimony, and other terms
  • Represent your best interests as we negotiate the terms of your divorce with your spouse’s counsel
  • Suggest mediation, arbitration, collaborative divorce, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution if negotiations aren’t fruitful
  • Advocate for you during court hearings and/or at trial, if necessary

Our divorce attorneys in Winter Haven, Florida are here to be your biggest champions. We’re here to help you work through your divorce and move forward. Don’t hesitate to contact our law office to discuss the specific details of your divorce case today.

The History of Winter Haven, FL

Winter Haven is a popular Florida destination situated in Polk County, about halfway between Orlando and Tampa. Founded in 1926, Winter Haven is most well-known for its stunning waterscapes. In fact, Winter Haven has more than 50 lakes within its borders, including the revered Chain of Lakes. 

Not surprisingly, Winter Haven is a popular destination for boating and recreation, earning the title of Water Ski Capital of the World.

Since the Great Depression, Winter Haven has grown from a small town of a few hundred people to a bustling city, currently home to more than 29,000 people. Many of the homes constructed in Winter Haven match its majestic surroundings. At least 50 single-family homes built in the early 20th century are currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The city itself contains four distinct historic districts – Interlaken, Pope Avenue, Winter Haven Heights, and Downtown.

Over the years, Winter Haven has become a popular place to both live and visit, thanks to its vibrant lake community and stunning architecture.

Some of the most notable attractions in and around Winter Haven, Florida include:

  • LEGOLAND Florida
  • Ritz Theatre
  • Gram Parsons Derry Down
  • Theatre Winter Haven
  • Fantasy of Flight
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture at Florida Southern College
  • Sherman’s Antiques
  • Auburndale Speedway

Between its architecture, water recreation, boundless shopping, and low-key lifestyle, it’s no surprise that many families choose Winter Haven to settle down. 

Decades of Experience Handling All Aspects of Divorce Litigation in Winter Haven, Florida

Divorce – or dissolution of marriage – is a complex process. At Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC, our family law attorneys in Winter Haven have more than 50 years of collective experience handling the nuanced and intimate aspects of contested divorces, uncontested divorces, military divorces, LGBTQ+ divorces, and high-net-worth divorce disputes.


Divorce dissolves a lawful marriage between two spouses. Before a court will grant a divorce, it will require both spouses to agree on several terms. Ultimately, it’s up to the spouses to figure out how to separate their lives so that they can move on. 

Our divorce attorneys in Winter Haven will help you determine what you want to achieve with your divorce and put a plan into action to make it happen.

Child Custody

Divorce is inherently more complicated when young children are involved. Our attorneys will help you formulate a parenting plan and work to protect your child’s best interests during a split. If there are any indications that your child may not be safe with their other parent, we will fight aggressively to keep them in your sole custody.

Child Support

Many times, the non-custodial parent is asked to pay child support. Child support helps to ensure that children have the financial support needed to take care of their health, education, and general welfare. 

Florida does have child support guidelines that are used as a baseline for support. However, judges have the discretion to change support requirements. Our attorneys will help you fight for a fair amount of child support based on factors that are specific to your situation.

Property Division

Florida is an equitable distribution state. When couples divorce, marital property is divided fairly – which may or may not be equal. Our attorneys will conduct a thorough accounting of your assets and debts, help you identify the property you’re most interested in keeping, and work to negotiate a favorable distribution of property with your spouse.

Judgment Modification

Generally speaking, the terms of a divorce are binding. However, when there are substantial changes in circumstances, a court can agree to modify a divorce decree. 

If you’ve experienced a change in income, need to relocate your children, or have learned about changes in your ex-spouse’s situation, our attorneys can help you petition the court to change specific aspects of your dissolution.

How Do I Get a Divorce in Winter Haven, Florida?

Florida is a no-fault state, which means that no one needs to bear the responsibility for the dissolution of the marriage.

Under Florida law, a divorce can only be initiated if at least one spouse has lived in the state for a minimum of six months. Divorces are initiated in the county in which the residing spouse lives. 

To get a divorce, one spouse (the petitioner) must file a petition for dissolution and supporting documents with the local court in Polk County. Copies of the divorce papers must also be served on the spouse (the respondent).

Divorce takes one of two forms: uncontested or contested.

In an uncontested divorce, both spouses agree to all terms of the divorce. There are no disputes regarding custody, financial support, or the division of property.

In a contested divorce, spouses disagree on at least one aspect of the divorce. The spouses must attempt to find a resolution or have a court intervene and decide on their behalf.

A court will formally approve the dissolution of marriage once all terms of the divorce have been settled and the minimum waiting period has been satisfied.

How Is Property Divided in a Florida Divorce?

Florida divides property equally, not evenly, in a divorce.

Generally speaking, only community property is subject to distribution in a divorce. Community property includes assets and debts that have been acquired since the marriage began. Property owned individually by each spouse before marriage is often excluded from distribution.

Spouses are entitled to a fair share of the marital property. Many factors can be considered when dividing property, including each spouse’s job and income, earning capacity, and role in the household. 

Our divorce attorneys in Winter Haven will bring in experts to conduct a thorough accounting of your marital assets and debts. Once we’ve identified your assets, we will help you determine what you’re most interested in keeping and what you’re open to parting with. In situations where spouses can’t see eye-to-eye, it’s often necessary to sell assets and split the proceeds. 

Who Gets Custody of the Kids After a Divorce in Winter Haven, FL?

Florida law prefers to keep children in frequent and continuing contact with both parents after a divorce. However, the best interests of a child always come first.

Many factors will be relevant when determining child custody, including:

  • The child’s relationship with both parents
  • Which parent was the child’s primary caretaker before the divorce
  • How willing each parent is to encourage a relationship with the other parent
  • Each parent’s ability to provide a safe living environment for their child
  • A parent’s history of domestic violence, psychological problems, drug addiction, and/or substance abuse

Children can also have the opportunity to weigh in on custody decisions when they are mature enough. Courts will consider a child’s wishes in certain situations, which can have a sizable influence on custody decisions.

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It’s important to surround yourself with a supportive legal team when you’re going through a divorce. Make Conti Moore Law Divorce Lawyers, PLLC your first call for help. Our Winter Haven divorce attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience helping clients deal with these incredibly intimate and personal legal disputes.

We embrace a positive, amicable approach to dispute resolution whenever possible. However, we’ll never shy away from being your most aggressive and tenacious advocate when the circumstances call for it. 

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