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How Can I Modify My Child Support Payments? Stress Less. Choose Moore. 
Child Support

How Can I Modify My Child Support Payments?

If circumstances changed and you need either an increase or decrease of your current child support order, you can petition the court for a modification and, if a judge deems the changes substantial, your request may be granted. However, you should first consider discussing the matter with your former spouse/partner. If you can agree on a modification, it will speed up the process and spare everyone any unnecessary headaches.

Requesting a Modification of the Existing Child Support Order

If you cannot agree on a modification of child support payments after discussing the matter with your former spouse/partner, you can file a Petition with the court, stating the reasons a modification is necessary. You must thoroughly explain the changes in circumstances that took place since the court order was issued and prove that these changes are significant enough to warrant a modification.

There are a variety of circumstances in which a judge may grant a request to modify the child support order, including:

  • The needs of the children changed, including special medical needs
  • One of the parents obtains a new job with a greater income
  • One of the parents loses a job or receives a pay cut.
  • One of the parents developed a disability.
  • There is a significant change in the amount of time the children spend with each parent.
  • Many of the significant factors considered when initially setting the existing order significantly changed.

If the paying parent opts for a lower-paying job in an effort to reduce child support payments, a judge will most likely not modify the court order. In such cases, a judge will examine the parent’s prior earnings, education, and employment history to calculate what the parent’s earnings should be instead of the reduced amount. This is also referred to as “impute income.”

Additionally, if the paying parent remarries, the new spouse’s income will not have a direct impact on calculating child support.

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