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6 Tips for Getting a Divorce Without a Lawyer in Orlando, FL

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Most people that are about to go through a divorce are eager to have the proceedings over and done with as quickly as possible; avoiding unnecessary expenses is often a central concern. You can undergo the divorce process in Orlando, Florida, without a lawyer, but it’s vital that you protect yourself through proper planning. 

Every couple has unique considerations when it comes to their assets, property, child custody, alimony, and child support payments. Whatever your situation, the following six tips can help you plan for a successful divorce in Orlando, with or without a lawyer: 

1. Organize Your Affairs

Divorce is rarely a simple circumstance. The longer a marriage has lasted, the more likely it is for a couple’s assets to have grown intertwined.

Marital property in an Orlando divorce is divided using the concept of equitable division, which is not necessarily the same as an equal (50/50) division. You’ll need to put your assets in order and collect documentation. You should put together copies of your paystubs, W-2s, property deeds, proof of debt, bills, and other expenses to create a full picture of your household assets. 

2. Collect Documentation

Depending on the circumstance of your divorce, you may need certain types of documentation. If domestic abuse has occurred, for instance, you should collect proof in the form of the following: 

  • Police reports
  • Orders of protection or restraining orders
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Videos or recordings
  • Medical bills for domestic abuse injuries

These types of documentation are often particularly important if a divorcing couple has children. You should also collect documentation proving that certain assets belong to you alone, such as proof of property purchased before marriage.

3. Close Joint Accounts

It’s often a good idea to close any joint accounts once you file for divorce. Doing so helps ensure that a disgruntled spouse cannot take advantage of any money that is currently available to both of you. 

If you don’t already have a credit card, it might be a good idea to obtain one, as it can help build your credit after the divorce and provide you with a means of making purchases in the event that your spouse attempts to withhold money at any point. 

4. Discuss Child Custody 

Your children, unfortunately, represent the most likely factor to complicate a divorce in Orlando. Spouses should discuss expectations for child custody and child support in advance. A divorce will go more smoothly if both parents can agree on where their children will live and the amount of support the two of them will provide. 

A divorcing couple with children in Orlando will be expected to complete a parenting plan, a legal agreement that outlines items like parenting time and living arrangements. When two parents cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, they’ll be required to attend mediation. If they still fail to arrive at a solution during mediation, they’ll have to go to court and have the terms of a parenting plan set by an Orlando judge.

5. Understand the Impact on Rights and Benefits 

Divorce brings about complicated legal and financial concerns and implications. Most couples understand the need to divide assets and agree on child custody, but there are also many considerations you might not think of if you don’t have a legal background. 

Divorce can impact items like pensions and retirement plans, as well as healthcare benefits and Medicare. If you have estate plans, update your will and documents to designate a new beneficiary and power of attorney. 

6. Consult a Divorce Lawyer

The terms of an Orlando divorce can have long-term repercussions for finances and family structure. Before you proceed with a divorce without a lawyer, it’s best to at least get a professional opinion. 

Many Orlando divorce lawyers offer free consultations, which can protect you from making costly and regrettable mistakes during the divorce process. With legal advice and proper planning, you can achieve a divorce agreement that serves your long-term interests. 

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