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9 Questions to Ask a Divorce Lawyer Before Hiring Them

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Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL? If so, you might meet with several attorneys before choosing the right one for you. When you meet with an attorney, you may ask them several questions about your situation. 

In addition to asking them about your divorce case, you should obtain answers to these questions:

What Types of Divorce Cases Do You Handle?

Some attorneys limit the types of divorce cases they handle. For example, they might not handle contested cases that go to trial or cases involving complex issues.

You want to choose a divorce attorney who handles cases similar to yours. Examples of the types of cases experienced Orlando divorce lawyers handle include LGBTQ, military, high-net-worth, contested, gray, and collaborative divorces.

How Many Years Have You Practiced Family Law in Florida?

The number of years an attorney has practiced does not guarantee they are a great divorce lawyer. However, experience is important. You want to hire a lawyer who has been practicing for many years because they will likely have a thorough understanding of Florida divorce laws.

What Is Your Fee Structure for a Divorce Case?

Divorce lawyers may charge a flat rate for some cases or bill by the hour for their services after collecting a retainer fee. Discuss the attorney’s fee structure for your divorce case. You should understand how much you can expect to pay if your case is resolved through mediation or goes to trial.

Will You Handle My Divorce Case Personally?

Some law firms have legal staff members who manage and handle cases for the lawyers. The attorneys have little to do with the case until it is time to go to court.

While a talented and skilled support staff is important, you want a divorce lawyer who will handle your case personally. The attorney should be involved in all aspects of your case.

What Are the Primary Issues in a Florida Divorce Case?

A divorce is the legal process of dissolving a marriage. However, dissolution of marriage is only one element of a divorce case. Other issues must be resolved, including child custody, property division, spousal support, and child support. Ask the lawyer to explain how these issues may be addressed in your case.

How Can I Communicate With You About My Case?

Effective communication is essential for a successful outcome in a divorce case. You want to ensure you can reach the attorney with concerns or questions. Communication may include telephone calls, emails, text messages, and in-person appointments. Ask about the forms of communication the law firm uses and the expected time for responding to messages.

What Is the Divorce Process for My Case?

The Florida divorce process depends on the specific circumstances involved in your case. However, there are basic steps involved in all divorce cases. Ask the lawyer to explain the divorce process, including the expected timeline for your case.

What Is the Strategy You Would Use for My Divorce?

A divorce attorney develops a strategy based on the facts of the case and the client’s goals. Keep in mind that the strategy for your divorce case may change as the attorney investigates and gathers evidence.

Have You Been Reprimanded, Sued by a Client, or Disciplined?

Ask a divorce lawyer for their discipline record. Have they been sued by a client or reprimanded by the court for their conduct? You can search for an attorney’s discipline record through the Florida Bar’s website.

When Should I Call an Orlando Divorce Lawyer for Help?

If you are considering filing for divorce or are served with divorce papers, it is time to call an attorney for help. The terms of your divorce can significantly impact your future and your child’s well-being.

The sooner you seek legal advice about a divorce in Florida, the better prepared you will be for resolving divorce issues. Even if you and your spouse agree to an amicable divorce, working with an attorney is in your best interest.

Your spouse may decide they want sole custody, alimony, and a larger share of marital assets. If they hired a lawyer, they have a head start preparing a strategy to get what they want in the divorce settlement.

A free consultation with an Orlando divorce attorney gives you the information you need to make an informed decision to protect your rights and best interests.

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