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How Getting Into a Car Accident Can Lead to Divorce

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Couples get married for countless reasons. Divorces happen for just as many. But divorce may also include contributing factors caused by outside influences, like car accidents. 

While you might not think a car accident could lead to divorce, it does lead to stress and financial problems; it can make even healthy relationships less tenable. If you’ve experienced a car accident injury and are now considering divorce, partner with an experienced divorce attorney to make sure your interests are accounted for.

Increased Stress

High levels of stress often push couples apart. Stress comes from many areas of life. When you or your spouse gets into a car accident, you’re might be worried about your or their health and wellbeing. Over time, that can increase stress for both people, especially when one person spends a great deal of time helping and caring for the other spouse.

This stress can even cause additional health problems for the spouse not involved in the car accident. They may experience sleep problems, high blood pressure, and elevated heart rates, among many other health-related issues. All of these issues further increase stress, which may eventually boil over.

For the spouse injured in the car accident, they may feel like a burden and that they’re not doing enough to get better. This increases their own stress levels, which were already high because of their car accident injuries. 

The spouse not injured could also become resentful, especially if the injuries suffered by one spouse were severe or life-altering. When one spouse suddenly has to become the caretaker for the other spouse, it can lead to resentment in even the best marriages, further increasing the stress felt by both parties.

Ultimately, left unresolved, stress can become an enormous factor in a divorce after a car accident. It’s important that after any car accident, both spouses get the medical attention they need, both physical and mental.

Financial Problems

It’s no secret that medical treatment is costly. Whether you’re involved in a fender-bender or a catastrophic multiple vehicle crash, medical bills will pile up. 

What most people don’t realize is just how quickly medical treatment becomes astronomically expensive. A concussion, one of the most common car accident injuries, can cost the victim millions of dollars in lifetime medical care. Insurance often won’t cover all the medical expenses faced after a car accident. Depending on your family policy, you may have coverage limits that kick in and prevent additional insurance coverage, even for necessary medical care.

Especially if one spouse is injured so severely in the crash that they cannot care for their basic needs any longer, that responsibility either falls on the uninjured spouse to do it themselves or to figure out a way to pay for medical assistance. The more severe the car accident injuries, the more ongoing care will be required, which could further increase the expenses.

Financial problems are consistently ranked as one of the top reasons that couples get divorced. A couple’s financial problems only increase when one spouse is injured in a car accident.

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Divorce is complex. It’s never easy, and it’s always caused by at least several underlying factors. Car accidents can be one. To help you figure out your legal options and how to move forward, contact a reputable divorce attorney.

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