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Signs a Spouse is Hiding Assets During a Florida Divorce

Dividing marital property is one of the most contentious and stressful parts of divorce proceedings. Florida law uses equitable distribution guidelines to determine how marital property is divided in a Florida divorce. Equitable distribution seeks to divide property fairly and evenly between spouses, not 50/50.  Marital property is anything the couple purchased, obtained, or gained […]


Can I Divorce Without A Lawyer in Orlando, FL?

Not all couples need to hire an attorney to divorce in Orlando, Florida. You can prepare and file the divorce papers yourself. However, there are situations where having legal counsel can protect your best interests. Deciding whether you need a divorce lawyer can be challenging. If you and your spouse agree that you want to […]


What You Need To Know About Emergency Child Custody Hearings in Orlando, FL

Some families manage to resolve disputes without resorting to legal intervention. However, in some cases, immediate action is necessary to shield children from an injury stemming from family conflicts. In these cases, understanding your rights as a parent and familiarizing yourself with emergency child custody laws in Florida can benefit you. You’ll help ensure that […]


What Is a Custodial Parent?

In Florida, a custodial parent has primary physical custody of a child following a legal divorce or separation. As part of the legal requirements imposed by Florida family courts, custodial parents are responsible for the day-to-day care of a child. They must decide about the child’s health, education, and welfare. Whether you’re thinking about divorce, […]


Do I Have to Pay Child Support With 50/50 Custody in Orlando, FL?

Child support and child custody are two separate matters. A court could grant sole custody to one parent and restrict visitation while still requiring the non-custodial parent to pay child support. Florida uses child support guidelines to determine how much child support a parent must pay. However, judges can deviate from the guidelines in some […]


What Constitutes the “Best Interest of the Child” in Florida?

Florida Statute §61.13 indicates that it is the state’s policy that child custody decisions are made in accordance with the best interests of the child. The state takes the position that children benefit from continuing and frequent contact with both parents. Therefore, Florida does not make a presumption of which parent should have custody of […]


What Happens if a Spouse Refuses To Sign the Divorce Papers in Orlando, Florida?

Divorce or dissolution of marriage can be difficult, even when both spouses agree that it is best. It can be incredibly frustrating when one spouse refuses to cooperate with the divorce process. Unfortunately, it can also result in a battle in divorce court when a spouse refuses to negotiate a fair settlement for property division, […]


What Makes a Premarital Agreement Valid In Florida?

Premarital agreements (also referred to as “prenuptial agreements” or “prenups”) are legal documents that lay a foundation for how a couple will handle the financial affairs of their relationship before getting married. These agreements include financial decisions such as who will own property acquired before the marriage and whether the couple will co-own a joint […]


How To Request a Psychological Evaluation in Your Child Custody Case in Orlando, FL

When a judge considers a child custody case, the judge decides custody based on the child’s best interest. The judge hears testimony and reviews evidence presented by each party. However, the judge might also order a psychological evaluation to help determine what would be in the best interest of the child.  What Is a Psychological […]


What Happens if My Spouse Dies While We’re in the Middle of a Divorce?

It is unfortunate, but sometimes a spouse dies during a divorce action. When that occurs, the divorce stops. Instead of being divorced, the spouse becomes a surviving spouse. When your lawyer notifies the court of your spouse’s death, the court dismisses the divorce proceedings. It does not issue a final order regarding any issues related […]


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