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What Are the Odds? Understanding the Risk Factors for Divorce in Orlando, FL

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Are you considering the odds you will end up divorced? The decision to divorce is affected by various factors. Many things can impact the stability of a marriage. No single trait or habit can be blamed for causing divorce. 

Yet, certain risk factors that can increase the likelihood of a couple going their separate ways have been identified. These risk factors don’t guarantee divorce but elevate the chances. In this article, we’ll delve into some key risk factors for divorce, shedding light on what the research tells us about these influences.

Your Parents’ Divorce 

Growing up a child of divorce can affect your own marital journey. Research by Jessica Salvatore, Ph.D., highlights a link between parental divorce and the chance of experiencing divorce in your own life. Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in the United States. It’s evident family dynamics can shape future relationships. 

Discrepant Alcohol Habits

Florida has high rates of drinking adults. For couples in Florida, differing alcohol habits can strain a relationship. A nine-year study by the University at Buffalo reveals that the risk of divorce increases when one partner is a heavy drinker and the other is not. Open communication and shared values are vital in maintaining a healthy marriage.

Early Marriage Considerations

Marrying at a young age can increase couples’ divorce risk. Forbes reports that couples who marry at 25 are 50% less likely to divorce than those who marry at 20.  Personal identities still develop when young, and life goals are in flux. Early marriages can face unique challenges that may impact their longevity.

Role of Physical Attractiveness

Physical attractiveness can affect the likelihood of divorce for Florida couples. The Journal of Personal Relationships suggests that the pressure of maintaining a certain appearance can contribute to marital tensions. This factor has a nationwide impact on couples.

Extravagant Weddings in Florida

The allure of a grand wedding can be tempting. But PBS reports weddings costing over $20,000 have a higher risk of divorce. Choosing a budget-friendly wedding in Florida may lead to a stronger marriage.

Timing of Pregnancy After Marriage 

Florida couples with a baby shortly after getting married might have a higher risk of divorce. Waiting at least eight months after the wedding before having a child is correlated with better chances of celebrating milestone anniversaries. 

Influence of the First Child’s Gender 

Research suggests that the gender of a first child can influence marriages. The “female survival advantage” concept proposes that girls are more likely to survive stressful pregnancies.  

Pregnancy complications may impact relationships that are already under strain. Pregnancies at their finest can be stressful to some of the best marriages. This has led to a common misunderstanding that daughters are a factor related to divorce rates. 

Education’s Impact on Florida Marriages

A Pew report indicates completing college can improve the chances of a lasting marriage for Florida residents. Individuals with a college education have higher probabilities of marriages lasting a decade or more, regardless of where they call home.

Religious Background and Marital Stability

Religious upbringing holds significance for marital stability in Florida and across the nation. Data from the Institute for Family Studies shows that religion may impact successful marriages. Women raised in religious households are more likely to sustain marriages longer than 15 years compared to women with no religious affiliation.

Second Marriages in Florida

The risk of divorce for second marriages is higher than for first marriages. CDC data reveals that second-marriage individuals are more likely to experience divorce within the first decade.

Understanding these risk factors can provide valuable insights into the dynamics of marriage. With this insight, Florida individuals can make informed decisions. Again, these factors don’t directly cause divorce. But they underscore the complexities of maintaining a healthy and enduring relationship.

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Navigating a divorce is complex. Seeking the advice of a qualified Orlando divorce attorney is crucial. 

Remember, every marriage is unique, and divorce is a multifaceted process. Understanding the risk factors and seeking professional guidance are the first steps. Beginning there, you can make informed choices that set the stage for a brighter future.

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